Feelin Good Tees®
Дата публикации: 22.09.2021

Feelin Good Tees®


I had just finished changing the oil in my car, and after entering the house, went over to the kitchen sink to get a nice refreshing glass of water. Being a warm day, I had dressed comfortably in a white t-shirt and shorts, and I was looking forward to relaxing in front of the TV to watch the rest of the game. I had done pretty well for myself, considering that I had a sixteen year old daughter that I had to raise by myself after my slut of an ex-wife ran off with a young intern at her office four years ago.

I looked at my reflection in the kitchen window and smiled. At 36, I had a full head of lush blond hair, and I still had the chiseled good looks that appealed to most women, but I hadn’t found anyone since Terrah left outside of the occasional one nightstand. Other than my daughter, but I’ll come back to that.

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Enough of this dating unavailable men a half-decade younger than me. I wanted to find an equal. But I knew deep down that was only partially true. I have no idea what a supportive partner would even look like in my house. I imagined it as some sort of potluck: One of them met me at a brewery. We chatted happily through two beers. We talked for a while, and I asked him to dinner.

Things were falling into place. A feast was laid out on the table, and it looked delicious. But two weeks later, the election happened. The world felt that precarious to me. You said Hillary was going to win. I hugged her, a little scared to send her to school, out into the big sky country of the red state where we live.